Default Servicing Solutions

Voxtur’s Default Servicing Support Platform provides a single-source bankruptcy support solution where tasks are automated, and exceptions are presented to users in meaningful ways.

End-to-End Default Servicing Support

At Voxtur Default Solutions, workflow and data is just the start. Our default technology is designed to optimize data and streamline the most critical components of servicing a loan in default.

From the ingestion and delivery of data to enhancing the most complex process with data-driven automation, we bring action to data.

Default Servicing

Voxtur Default Servicing technology builds a firm foundation of data intelligence for bankruptcy servicing support.

Technology Driven Solutions

Streamlining the Default Servicing Process

Voxtur’s comprehensive default servicing solutions provide a seamless process to servicers, investors and attorneys.


Powerful Technology Builds a Firm Foundation of Data Intelligence for Bankruptcy Servicing 

Voxtur’s end-to-end bankruptcy management solution provides transparency through a single and intuitive user experience for all stakeholders, with configurable and secure controls to govern roles, access, and responsibilities.

Case Event Monitoring 

Systematic monitoring of bankruptcy court dockets, analysis of all filings for impact to the servicer, and automated reactionary workflow. 

Proof of Claim Automation 

Automated preparation and filing of Proofs of Claim, leveraging data and dynamic analytics to generate and file completed POCs.

Motion for Relief 

Automation-driven analysis of loan status in response to an indication of potential post-petition delinquency. Data and dynamic analytics are leveraged to generate a complete MFR referral package providing the attorney with a comprehensive and clear package to file the MFR.

Note of Final Cure 

Automation-driven analysis of loan status in response to the Trustee’s Notice of Final Cure. Automated decisioning generates the appropriate response to the Trustee.

Default Servicing
Data Services

Designed to empower investors, lenders, servicers, and legal professionals with tools to support a more comprehensive due diligence process and a more targeted investment strategy, Voxtur’s data management tools mitigate risk and improve overall returns. 

Data Services

Data To Grow Your Business

Imagine solving industry-wide problems before they happen. With Voxtur Data and Insights, we’re leveraging the power of knowledge to predict behaviors and proactively solve problems.


National Provider of Court Data-Based Legal Decision & Risk Mitigation Solutions

Voxtur’s Oversite BestX delivers robust reporting and analytics tools to evaluate, onboard, and manage non-performing loans for maximum return on investment.

Official Court Records

Voxtur’s Oversite BestX captures more than 100 data elements from every court docket to provide the most accurate, detailed, and up-to-date case information available.

Rule-Based Analytics 

BestX generates unique and valuable analytics, incorporating rules based on client input, our own legal and business expertise, and our network of experienced attorneys in each state. 

Actionable Reporting

Dismissal and statutory violation risks, unresolved litigation filings and discovery requests, timeline analysis, attorney performance comparisons, and statute of limitations analysis are a few of the reporting resources available.

Customizable Dashboards

BestX is designed with your business needs in mind. Users have the option to create and customize their dashboard to provide them with an overview of the metrics they care about most.

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