Voxtur Data Solutions Streamline Legacy Homebuying Processes to Help Consumers Save

April 6, 2023

Financial barriers to homeownership can be a significant deterrent to getting started and eventually seeing a mortgage through to completion. But knowledge is power — and understanding the sometimes arcane details helps first-time homebuyers set themselves up for success.

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Attorney Opinion Letters: The Risk of Not Offering an Alternative

February 14, 2023

In recent months, many have been highly vocal in opposing the introduction of an alternative title product. However, in the article below, Voxtur CEO Jim Albertelli reviews why this type of opposition is misguided and shortsighted without a complete understanding of the AOL product in all its variations.

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Lowering Member Closing Costs For the Win

January 30, 2023

While mortgage rates and home prices are factors that fall outside of our control, member closing costs are part of the equation that credit unions can influence. If a credit union can help reduce a member’s closing costs, then it can help more members qualify for mortgages and better position them to succeed in managing the loan.

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Top Mortgage Bank and Nonbank Servicer to Offer Voxtur AOL™

January 10, 2023

Voxtur announces that a top five mortgage servicer and top 20 bank will begin offering Voxtur AOL in the first quarter of 2023. Voxtur AOL is an alternative to title insurance that can save home buyers 20% to 70% on the cost of title coverage, reducing closing costs by hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.

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Voxtur Featured in HousingWire

November 30, 2022

There is no stopping progress at Voxtur. HousingWire reached out to Voxtur CEO, Jim Albertelli, to learn more about Voxtur’s current product offerings and see what’s to come for the organization in 2023.

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Voxtur Featured in MBA NewsLink

November 9, 2022

Scott Roller’s 2022 MBA Annual Convention recap: Heard it in Nashville — Worry, Panic, and Opportunity. While the masses are worried, there are still many that see opportunity in this market. The author, Scott Roller, says, “Stay tuned, as it’s clear that Voxtur sees no finish line for disruption, with apparently more to come in valuation, tax and capital markets.”

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Voxtur To Provide Attorney Opinion Letters on VA Home Loans

October 17, 2022

The Voxtur Attorney Opinion Letter (“Voxtur AOL”) is now available as a fully compliant alternative to title insurance on VA direct and VA-backed home loans. The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) released updates to its Lenders Handbook last week, including language regarding use of an Attorney Opinion Letter in lieu of title insurance.

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Scotsman Guide: This Move Could Shake up the Title Industry

October 13, 2022

Fannie Mae’s acceptance of attorney opinion letters may cut home-purchase costs. This past April, news that Fannie Mae would begin accepting written attorney opinion letters as an alternative to title insurance policies generated mixed reactions. Scotsman Guide recently published an article by…

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Here’s Why Attorney Opinion Letters Are Set to Revolutionize Mortgage Lending

October 10, 2022

The mortgage market has been crippled by rising interest rates, which have heightened affordability concerns for potential homeowners and made the business of lending exceptionally challenging. But encouraging steps are being taken to fix the situation, and attorneys are at the forefront…

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Voxtur AOL™ Now Offered by Multiple Lenders Nationwide

September 12, 2022

GlobeNewswire — Voxtur Analytics Corp. today announced the roll out of the Voxtur AOL (Attorney Opinion Letter) with multiple lenders, including at least one top tier bank and several mid-sized national lenders. The Voxtur AOL is an alternative to title insurance that…

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