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Until now, property valuations and settlements have been calculated by short-sighted systems and antiquated processes that give you a narrow and often incomplete view of property’s true value. We are changing all of that.

Our industry-leading AI, machine learning, and proprietary software seamlessly links thousands of verified data points together, instantly giving our clients the most accurate picture of a property’s worth. Combined with our automated and optimized workflows, our clients experience efficiencies and information like never before.


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Our Voxtur Verified data engine gives our clients absolute certainty when it comes to calculating property tax solutions, property value, and settlement services for investors, lenders, government agencies, and servicers.

Spanning the US and Canada, we guide both public and private property lending and property tax sectors. With the largest verified database in real estate, our workflow platforms efficiently appraise assets, originate and service loans, securitize portfolios, and evaluate tax assessments with verifiable proof.

If you’d like the ability to see a lot differently, we look forward to talking with you.


Voxtur uses proprietary technology built upon decades of real estate valuation experience to deliver next-generation valuation services.


Voxtur is streamlining the property tax assessment landscape with game-changing technology solutions.


Voxtur leverages best-in-class technology, and deep industry expertise setting new standards for excellence in title and closing.


Voxtur Data and Insights is a nationwide provider of real estate data and analytics.