We know that real estate valuation is changing. How? Because we’re driving the change. Our core technologies are leading the way for valuation modernization by streamlining complex multi-vendor workflows to create a modular approach that can be optimized for any application.

  • Nationwide provider of residential and commercial appraisal services

  • Innovative alternative and hybrid valuation solutions

  • Solutions designed to support purchase, refinance, and home equity applications

  • Manage complex workflows with comprehensive valuation management platforms


Redefining Real Estate Valuation

At Voxtur, we do more than just appraisal management. We know that to create meaningful change for our industry, we need full-spectrum valuation solutions that modernize the entire process. That is why we have committed to developing innovative valuation solutions. Our solutions are designed to conquer the challenges facing our industry, and to create a more streamlined landscape for the future.

Voxtur Appraisal Services, LLC, a Voxtur company, is a nationwide licensed Appraisal Management Company (AMC). Licensing information can be found here.

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The Future of Valuation Starts Here

Voxtur valuation platforms are designed for appraisal management companies, lenders, and mortgage services firms looking to manage and streamline the real estate vendor management process. Whether it’s traditional appraisals or complex multi-vendor hybrid workflows, Voxtur offers turnkey solutions that will have you managing your entire valuation process seamlessly. Our platforms go beyond vendor management, with integrated data-driven forms designed to complete an appraisal in minutes instead of hours. Imagine a future where valuation workflows are rapidly accelerating the lending process. That future is here.


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