Voxtur Settlement Services is a leading provider of traditional and non-traditional title products, as well as escrow and settlement services. Voxtur leverages best-in-class technologies to accelerate the lending lifecycle and deliver highly personalized experiences. Voxtur is setting new standards for excellence in the next generation of title and settlement services.

  • Unite data elements and shape the closing into a scalable and seamless digital process.

  • Client customized workflows that are flexible, dynamic and complete with systemic controls.

  • Mitigate losses with comprehensive Default Settlement Services.

  • Proven and experienced signing network designed to drive borrower satisfaction.


Accelerating the
Loan Lifecycle

Our technologies, built on a foundation of deep industry expertise, accelerate closing timelines and optimize the borrower experience, without sacrificing security and compliance. We know that providing streamlined processes and personalized service is key. With local expertise and a national footprint, Voxtur allows clients to close high volume transactions with confidence.

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The Future of Settlement
Services Starts Here

At Voxtur, everything starts with the technology. It’s the engine that runs our business now and into the future. We’re leveraging technology not just to deliver the next generation of title and closing solutions, but also to accelerate every part of the loan lifecycle. Voxtur platforms leverage data and machine learning to optimize processes from title clearance to post-closing disbursement. Imagine moving beyond today’s rules-based workflows to AI-optimized borrower experiences that set new standards for customer satisfaction. Imagine deploying systems that model borrower behavior and transaction data to identify and solve issues before they occur. We do. That’s why the future of Settlement Services starts here.

The Data You Need
to Grow Your Business

Voxtur has one of the largest collections of real-time property data in the United States. We provide a comprehensive product suite for Title Insurance, Mortgage, Real Estate Brokers, Agents, and Investors that includes products that deliver data-driven target marketing and “life event” insight. By leveraging the Voxtur Verified data, real estate professionals can be in the right place at the right time allowing them to generate more revenue.

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