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Voxtur Settlement Services leverages data and machine learning to accelerate the lending lifecycle and deliver highly personalized experiences.

Close with Confidence

Voxtur Settlement Services is a leading provider of traditional and non-traditional title products, as well as escrow and settlement services. Our services integrate technology and aggregate data to improve cycle time, reduce costs and mitigate risk.



From traditional residential and commercial sales to default-related dispositions, Voxtur’s team of experienced professionals is committed to serving every client with efficiency, expertise, and exceptional customer service.

Technology Driven Solutions

Accelerating the Loan Lifecycle

Our technology-driven solutions accelerate closing timelines and optimize the borrower experience, without sacrificing security and compliance. We know that providing streamlined processes and personalized service is key.

Attorney Opinion Letter

A Full-Coverage Title Alternative

Voxtur AOL combines the strength of a legal opinion with the efficiency and scalability of a data-driven title review. The result is a fully compliant title opinion backed by transactional liability insurance.

Immediate Savings to the Consumer

Using a Voxtur AOL immediately saves the consumer in closing costs. In some cases, the savings are as much as an entire mortgage payment.

Seamless Fulfillment and Strict Compliance

Voxtur AOL is built to work together with existing processes, including LOS integrations and settlement processes, and is issued within existing lender SLAs.

Certainty in Every Transaction

A Voxtur AOL is generated using a patent-pending process that combines VoxturVerified™ technology with attorney work product. Voxtur’s AOL initiative marks the first time that attorney opinion letters have been produced with accuracy, consistency, and scale.

Less Risk for the Lender

Every Voxtur AOL is backed by transactional liability insurance that covers the full amount of the loan for the life of the loan and is issued by an AM Best A rated carrier with the most up-to-date property information.


Protecting Your Homeownership​

At Voxtur Settlement Services, we understand that title companies are not all created equal, and we strive to stand out by providing exceptional service with every transaction.

Nationwide Coverage

With the strength of a national provider and the high-touch, personalized service of a local agency, Voxtur offers the best of both worlds.​

Streamline Your Title

With our cutting-edge technology and single point of contact in every transaction, you always know exactly where you stand.

Residential Title Services

  • Purchase​
  • Refinance​
  • Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)​
  • Reverse Mortgage (HECM)​
  • Relocation​

Your Commercial Title Partner​

Voxtur Settlement Services is well-equipped to handle all types of commercial transactions, from simple single property closings to complex multi-state transactions.​

Nationwide Coverage

We host a national platform supported by a network of industry-leading underwriters and a team of experienced closing  professionals.​

Extensive Expertise

Our experts provide quick, responsive title underwriting, closing and recording services on simple to the most complex commercial transactions.​

Commercial Title Services

  • REO ​
  • Bulk Transactions​
  • Office/Industrial

Effectively Manage Your Loan Portfolio​

Our default title division works with the industry’s largest foreclosure platforms to ensure greater accuracy, reduce redundancy, and shorten timeframes.​

Scalable Solutions​

Voxtur will work with you to develop a customized solution to simplify navigating your portfolio in an ever-changing regulatory landscape.​

Trusted Nationwide​

The Voxtur team has successfully managed thousands of REO transactions, earning the trust of lenders and servicers nationwide.​

Default Title Services

  • REO ​
  • Auction​
  • Reverse Mortgage (HECM)​
  • Short Sale​
  • Loan Modification​
  • Deed in Lieu

Protecting Your Investment​

Our products protect purchasers and lenders against defects in title, including adverse ownership claims, documentation errors, fraud, forgery, liens, easements, and various other issues that may arise.

Owner’s Title Policy​

An owner’s title policy offers financial protection against title issues that may not be found in the public record or aren’t discovered in the title search process, as well as those that may arise from fraud or forgery.​

Mortgage Modification Policy (MMP)​

A mortgage modification policy (MMP) guarantees lien priority during a loan modification and provides an alternative to an ALTA loan policy. The MMP insures against loss or damage resulting from the original lien position being lost as a result of a loan modification.​

Mortgage Title Policy​

A mortgage title policy protects the lender or mortgage holder and insures the priority and enforceability of the mortgage.​

Trustee Sale ​Guarantee (TSG)​

A Trustee Sale Guarantee (TSG) is a title guarantee issued at the start of the foreclosure process. It protects the foreclosing beneficiary and trustee by delivering information needed to ensure compliance with statutory foreclosure requirements.​


Supporting All Your Title Needs​

In addition to an array of title insurance options, Voxtur offers a variety of complementary title products to support all your transactional needs. ​

Title Reports​

With industry-leading technology, trusted vendor partnerships and local expertise, Voxtur can provide customized title reports nationwide.​

Title Curative Services​

When a title issue arises, Voxtur can step in to cure the defect. Our team of title curative experts will work with you to ensure that title is cleared as expeditiously as possible.​

Nationwide Coverage

With local expertise and a national footprint, Voxtur allows clients to close high-volume transactions with confidence.

Licensed for Title and Closing

Partner / Closing Management

Partner State

Office Locations

  • Atlanta, GA

    100 Galleria Parkway
    Suite 960
    Atlanta, GA 30339
    Telephone: 770.373.4242

  • Birmingham, AL​

    1 Independence Plaza
    Suite 416
    Birmingham, AL 35209
    Telephone: 205.293.5323

  • Boston, MA​
  • Charleston, SC

    133 River Landing Drive
    Suite 100
    Daniel Island, SC 29492
    Telephone: 803.828.0880

  • Charlotte, NC​

    205 Regency Executive Park Dr.
    Suite 100
    Charlotte, NC 28217
    Telephone: 704.970.0391

  • Cleveland, OH​

    6100 Oak Tree Blvd
    Suite 200, #237
    Independence, OH 44131
    Telephone: 216.588.1500

  • Columbia, SC​

    1201 Main Street
    Suite 1450
    Columbia, SC 29201
    Telephone: 803.828.0880

  • Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • Irving, TX​

    2201 W. Royal Lane
    Suite 155
    Irving, TX 75063
    Telephone: 469.804.8457

  • Little Rock, AR

    1 Information Way
    Suite 201
    Little Rock, AR 72202
    Telephone: 501.406.0855

  • Nashville, TN​

    401 Commerce St
    Suite 150
    Nashville, TN 37219
    Telephone: 615.265.0835

  • Phoenix, AZ

    2111 E. Highland Ave
    Suite B405
    Phoenix, AZ 85016
    Telephone: 602.610.4990

  • Pittsburgh, PA​

    4 Penn Center West,
    Suite 400
    Pittsburgh, PA 15276
    Telephone: 888.991.1519

  • Santa Rosa Beach, FL

    90 Spires Lane,
    Suite 9A
    Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459

  • Tampa, FL

    5404 Cypress Center Dr
    Suite 300
    Tampa, FL 33609
    Telephone: 855.390.0054

  • US Virgin Islands​​

Data Services

Voxtur has one of the largest collections of real-time property data in the United States. By leveraging VoxturVerified™ data, real estate professionals can be in the right place at the right time, allowing them to generate more revenue.

Data Services

Data To Grow Your Business

We provide a comprehensive product suite for Title Insurance, Mortgage, Real Estate Brokers, Agents, and Investors that includes everything you need to drive your competitive advantage.


Property Information Like You’ve Never Seen Before

Enhances the various ways property data is delivered to an Agent, Broker, Investor, or Lender. Voxtur’s ReboGateway Pro is the only application that provides property data in a live format, allowing for automatic property updates and alerts on changes within your farms/lists, and the ability to share data between you and your data provider.

Identify More Properties

Nationwide property data accessibility. Confirmed with GPS, time/date stamps.

Find the Best Farming Areas

Groups and sorts from highest to lowest turnover rate to pinpoint the best areas to farm.

Analyze Statistics in Searched Area

Our tract tool provides turnover rates, local competition, and area trends, to name a few.

Lead List Searches

Choose from an array of life event and mortgage data sets to target your ideal prospects.

Email Alerts

Be automatically alerted to property changes and updates in your farms.


A Powerful Tool That Puts Real Estate Professionals in Control of Their Data and Targeted Marketing Needs

Title Toolbox enhances the various ways property data is delivered to an Agent or Lender. It is the only application that provides property data in a live format, allowing for automatic property updates and alerts on changes within your searches and the ability to share data between you and your data provider.

Find the Best Farming Areas

Groups and sorts from highest to lowest turnover rate to pinpoint the best areas to farm.

Analyze Any Farm Area

Analyze for 12-month turnover rate, 5-year sales trends, non-owner occupancy rate, etc. 

One-Stop Shop

Farms are saved with the most up-to-date property info, and a click on any property provides property profiles, aerial and street view maps, net sheets, and more.

Increase Your Business

VoxturVerified data helps you pinpoint the best properties to target.


Procure Data and Property Information to Successfully Grow and Build Your Business

With Investor’s Title Toolbox you have instant access to all the property information details and farming tools needed to successfully market and prospect for new business.

Find the Best Prospecting Areas

Groups and sorts from highest to lowest turnover rate to pinpoint the best areas to search.

Analyze Any Searched Area

Analyze for 12-month turnover rate, 5-year sales trends, non-owner occupancy rate, etc.

Unlimited Monthly Use

No monthly use it or lose it for annually purchased data. Additional records can be purchased if data is depleted before the end of the subscription term.

Searches Created for You

Shared to your account, get the same live data as if you created the list yourself.


Data and Targeted Marketing for Lending Professionals

Quickly identify candidates in specific geographic areas for lending. Voxtur’s Lender Toolbox provides targeted data to pinpoint homeowners who meet the exact lending program criteria for your various lending options.

Match the Best Prospects to Products

You provide the lending criteria details, and we provide pre-loaded addresses that meet your request.

Maps Make Search Easy

Search for an individual property or groups of properties with just a click.

Dynamic Lead Lists

Each address is actionable for access to property details and reports. Records are updated daily.

Share Lists Quickly

Share your valuable lists directly into your broker’s account.


Custom Data List Service Designed for Real Estate Professionals to Create Ideal Prospect Lists

Benefit from flexible data solutions to fit exactly-targeted marketing audiences and achieve a better ROI. Premier List Fulfillment Solutions will provide a requested custom data set for a specific geographic area without a monthly/yearly subscription.

Mortgage Lead Lists

Select from a variety of mortgage data details such as loan type, loan amount, loan to value, HELOC, equity only, desired interest rate, loan origination, and more.

Life Event Leads Lists

Determine which life events best match your target market. Empty nesters, out-of-state owners, notice of default, notice of sale, divorce, and many more.

Match & Append/Lien Monitoring

Enhance your existing files with information from our list fulfillment database to monitor your portfolio or assist in your prospecting.

Increase Your Business

VoxturVerified data helps you pinpoint the best properties to target.


Insured, Customized Tax Certificates Delivered Quickly and Efficiently

A one-of-a-kind tax certificate solution that combines all the leading tax data into one application and eliminates the need for multiple contracts and integrations. Through a simple single integration or web interface, users can have a fully insured, customized tax certificate delivered quickly and efficiently.

Trusted, Reliable Tax Records

Tax certificate data is accumulated from several reliable, trusted sources.

Seamless System Integration

Real-time tax data in an easy-to-use web-based system.

Delivery Made Easy

The most current tax certificates delivered with rapid results through the latest technology and data resources.

No Minimum Orders

No volume sets, contracts, or minimum monthly spend is required.

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Click here to generate Title Quotes, Seller Net Sheets & more.
Click here to generate Title Quotes, Seller Net Sheets & more.