In conversation with Gary Yeoman, CEO of Voxtur Analytics. Real Estate Technology, PropTech S1 E06

March 15, 2021

Catherine Murray Media and Markets interviews CEO & Chairman Gary Yeoman.

The Voxtur technology supports real estate transactions to include appraisals, assessments and title by leveraging digitized data to streamline the lending lifecycle.

“So let’s look at it simplistically – most people have been involved one way or other in purchasing a home – we touch every aspect of that field. We do valuations for mortgage purposes. We work with all major lenders across North America. We have an ingestion engine where we provide title insurance. We have a tax analytics platform that tells you whether your taxes are too high or too low. All of that is built through technology. We have a single portal that we work with and we’re able to do things quicker cheaper and certainly more accurately.”

Yeoman talks about affecting change using data.

“My view is that the more data that is open to the public the more transparent you are, the better products you’re going to have. And isn’t the goal really to be fair to everyone? We are fair to a municipality and fair to the ratepayer, to have transparency and get it right the first time instead of everyone kind of holding data in their own little pockets. We are affecting change in the way we’re working with the municipalities”

“What we’ve done is we’ve prepared and built what I believe is to be the only appraisal platform services platform in north America and what we’ve effectively done is that we have digitized every appraisal record in North America. We have digitized everything.”

About Voxtur

Voxtur is a transformational real estate technology company that is redefining industry standards in a dynamic lending environment. The Company offers targeted data analytics to simplify tax solutions, property valuation and settlement services throughout the lending lifecycle for investors, lenders, government agencies and servicers. Voxtur’s proprietary data hub and workflow platforms more accurately and efficiently value assets, originate and service loans, securitize portfolios and evaluate tax assessments. The Company serves the property lending and property tax sectors, both public and private, in the United States and Canada. For more information, visit

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