Stacy Mestayer Named a Woman of Inspiration by National Mortgage Professional Magazine

March 7, 2023

National Mortgage Professional Magazine has recognized Stacy Mestayer, Voxtur’s Chief Legal Officer and General Counsel, as one of its 2023 Mortgage Lending Women of Inspiration. Stacy and her fellow honorees are celebrated as forces in the mortgage industry, having made considerable strides in their respective companies. Each recipient has used their experience and leadership skills to improve performance and foster inclusive and encouraging cultures.

Read an excerpt from Stacy’s profile in NMP Magazine below.

What factors impact a woman’s ability to lead others?
Women often (unjustifiably) have more to prove than their male counterparts. I’ve found power in patience. I try to listen more than I talk, which helps me to better understand others so that I can more effectively collaborate and manage.

What advice would you give to those just getting started in the mortgage industry?
Listen, learn, and provide value wherever you can. You can learn most of what you need to know in any setting by listening more than you talk.

What’s changed for you the most since you joined the mortgage industry?
I’ve found the most interesting opportunities to be at the intersection of traditionally manual business processes and technology. I started by building a court data-driven decisioning engine for mortgage servicers and traders, which remains the only solution of its kind on the market. I can contribute to the strategic direction of the company, which has opened my eyes to the opportunities for better technology in mortgage to impact the lives of consumers.

Women often (unjustifiably) have more to prove than their male counterparts. I’ve found power in patience.

Stacy Mestayer, Chief Legal Officer and General Counsel

What significant changes would you like to see from the mortgage industry in 2023?
Incorporating more targeted data analytics to drive automation and digitization creates efficiencies that directly reduce costs. As an industry, we have to commit to passing those savings on to the consumer. This is the first step to creating truly transformative change.

What has been your biggest accomplishment as a mortgage professional?
In early 2020, I began spearheading an initiative to build an alternative to title insurance. In April 2022, Fannie Mae released updates to their selling guide approving use of this alternative product. Anyone in the mortgage industry can attest to the Herculean feat that is changing a Fannie Mae guideline.

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