Voxtur Inks Deal to Execute Mortgage Asset Trading Platform

June 7, 2023

MortgageOrb – Voxtur Analytics Corp., a North American real estate technology company that offers targeted data analytics to simplify tax solutions, property valuation and settlement services, has formed an exclusive partnership with one of the largest FHA and VA lenders in the United States. The aim is to implement Voxtur’s mortgage asset trading platform: Blue Water’s Correspondent-as-a-Service (CaaS).

CaaS is a rules-based transaction platform that facilitates pricing, commitment, transfer and transaction of whole loans and mortgage servicing rights (MSR) with a single click.

The system also comes bundled with Blue Water’s loan-level pricing engine, an order-management and allocation system, as well as the ability to seamlessly route mortgage assets to various investors based on their eligibility, pricing and document requirements.

Through a multi-year, exclusive agreement, Voxtur will serve as the operating platform for pricing, trading and transacting mortgage assets. With Blue Water’s CaaS technology, a lender will be able to issue bids and deliver commitments seamlessly through an integrated platform that interacts with more than 400 mortgage originators.

“By providing liquidity and price transparency through this platform, we expect to be able to offer additional Voxtur solutions, making it a single point of contact for the client,” says Al Qureshi, president of Blue Water, Voxtur’s capital markets business line.

Plans to expand the CaaS platform further include offering additional mortgage asset classes and leveraging this partnership to deliver primary mortgage market solutions available from Voxtur’s suite of products, including its AOL title insurance alternative, automated valuation solutions and on-demand underwriting.

“We just added hundreds of additional mortgage originators to our platform, hungry for efficiency and liquidity,” Qureshi notes. “We are well-positioned to meet their needs and can provide a suite of services designed to elevate their processes. This is an exciting development for all parties involved.”

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