Voxtur Announces Strategic Partnership with Top Servicing Aggregator

December 22, 2022

GlobeNewswire — Toronto, Ontario and Tampa, Florida — December 22, 2022 — Voxtur Analytics Corp. (TSXV: VXTR; OTCQB: VXTRF) (“Voxtur” or the “Company”), a North American technology company creating a more transparent and accessible real estate lending ecosystem, today announced an exclusive strategic partnership with a top mortgage servicing aggregator representing multiple originators (the “Aggregator”) through its wholly owned capital markets division, Blue Water Financial Technologies (“Blue Water”).

In an exclusive arrangement, Blue Water will provide tools to the Aggregator to facilitate mortgage asset pricing, commitment, transfer, underwriting, and due diligence, as well as rep and warrant protection to enhance the trading experience and performance. In addition, Blue Water will provide its flagship products, including Blue Rate, a seasoned mortgage asset trading engine incorporating patent pending loan level pricing technology, MSR-X, a pricing engine that provides a seamless liquidity experience for mortgage originators, and Super Transfer, a tool that digitizes and optimizes due diligence and asset transfer. Blue Water’s technologies are aimed at providing a more streamlined, enhanced experience for buyers and sellers of mortgage servicing rights (“MSRs”). The Aggregator will benefit from Blue Water’s streamlined approach to transacting MSRs between originators and downstream investors.

“Through this partnership, we will deliver an extensive transaction experience for a major servicing aggregator and its customers for pricing, committing, transferring and due diligence of mortgage assets,” said Alan Qureshi, President of Blue Water. “This will create and secure steady revenue streams for all parties within the ecosystem and create an entry point for investors to participate in these unique market conditions.”

About Blue Water Financial Technologies

Blue Water is a leading provider of asset valuation, MSR distribution, MSR hedging, and digital solutions to MSR investors and mortgage lenders. By providing originators and investors the ability to view portfolios and analyze transactional data in real-time, the platform creates a one-stop shop to drive greater liquidity of mortgage assets. Blue Water uses a single platform across all investor types to mitigate timing risk and account for rate changes. Further, cost-minded originators use the platform to reduce margin exposure, lower costs, and streamline their secondary market post-close operations. Blue Water’s self-service technology can replicate any investor pricing and modeling construct in real time to provide a unique solution tailored to its clients, including private equity investors and investment banks. Blue Water offers a turnkey solution to small financial institutions to source assets in a compliant manner with scale and efficiency. Blue Water manages a dynamic order book that allows systemically important financial institutions (SIFIs) to engage with different originators in a user-friendly asset sourcing SaaS offering. This technology allows a broad investor base to dynamically engage with originators and control their prospects based on asset preference, while giving originators free access to buyer-side liquidity. Separately, Blue Water’s automated advisor platform provides a springboard for investors to source product and deploy capital by leveraging the combined entities comprehensive services. For more information, visit www.bluewater-fintech.com.

About Voxtur

Voxtur is a transformational real estate technology company that is redefining industry standards in a dynamic lending environment. The Company offers targeted data analytics to simplify tax solutions, property valuation and settlement services throughout the lending lifecycle for investors, lenders, government agencies and servicers. Voxtur’s proprietary data hub and workflow platforms more accurately and efficiently value assets, originate and service loans, securitize portfolios and evaluate tax assessments. The Company serves the property lending and property tax sectors, both public and private, in the United States and Canada. For more information, visit www.voxtur.com.

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